Comal ISD Gifted & Talented Referral Form

Referrals received after the Oct. 3 deadline (for grades 1-12) or the Dec. 1 deadline (Kindergarten) may not be addressed until next year's window opens. Please contact your campus GT facilitator or counselor for more information. Student ID number is required to submit this form, if you do not know your student's ID number, please contact their campus. If your student is already identified for gifted and talented services, you do not need to refer them again. Referrals for grades 1-12 DUE Oct. 1 Kindergarten referrals DUE Dec. 1 Please submit a separate form for each child you are referring for GT services.

General Information

Comal ISD

Parent/Guardian Permission For Assessment And Participation

Previous GT Screening

Parent Inventory

In order to help us know more about your child, please complete and submit the following inventory. Listed below are some traits. Compared to other children of the same age and life experience, please select the option that best reflects your child as (1) below average (2) average or (3) above average for each trait.

  1. Is mature beyond his/her years
  2. Has many different way of figuring things
  3. Shares interests with older children/adults such as games/reading
  4. Understands math concepts
  5. Wants to know how and why
  6. Is able to plan and organize activities
  7. Sticks to a task once it is begun
  8. Exhibits a sense of humor; sees humor in situations when others his/her age may not.
  9. Has an excellent memory
  10. Compared to other children his/her age, he/she is intellectually above average

Please use this space to describe examples of the characteristics you observed from the list above.

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